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What is IISRelayJ?

IISRelay is an ISAPI DLL created to proxy http requests to another server. This becomes important in organizations whose web site is located on IIS and Java apps exist on another box.

The original need for this tool came about when we wanted to use Jetty for a java application. We had orignally written the app using BEA's Weblogic, but, we became disenchanted with it's monstrosity (and performance). Since Weblogic comes with an ISAPI proxy we were able to put the app on a server behind our firewall.

BEA's ISAPI proxy uses a proprietary communication scheme to interact with Weblogic. Soooooo .... We needed something, based on a standardard communication protocol, that could proxy requests from IIS to our Jetty box.

Note: I am looking for an individual to assist me in the administration of this project. If you are interested let me know at bwarrick2@yahoo.com .

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